"Promoting the application of moral and ethical principles to modern society in the areas of
economics, education, religion and the arts."

About this publisher: Life Ethics Information Centre is a small publisher, specializing in various areas of Canadian culture such as history, political and social issues, as well as religious and modern-day concerns. Life Ethics was incorporated as a non-profit Ontario-based corporation in February 1993. It is 100% (one hundred percent) Canadian-owned. The authors, contributors and artists whose works we have published are all Canadian.

Our diverse publications: Life Ethics Information Centre's repertoire includes many soft and hardcover books and over thirty booklets (ranging in length from eight to forty-four pages), covering all spheres of life. Our recent additions include Judicial Activism: A threat to democracy and religion, Lumen Christi: a guide to a better life through prayer, Living Heaven (co-published with Pilgrim Publishing), and Birth Control: Is Canada out of step with Rome? From its inception Life Ethics has been publishing the magazine Catholic Insight, which runs eleven editions annually. The magazine can be found at www.catholicinsight.com.

The online store carries the different publications that are in print and which are currently available for purchase. The creation of this website serves to assist the customer in purchasing the books of their choice directly and efficiently.